Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome to our new Blog!

Hello VetCaregivers!

In the last six months, we have been so honored to share your Caregiver journeys, trials, challenges, and yes, joys and much laughter.  And, in the course of our many conversations with those who care specifically for Veterans, we have met many wonderful caregivers who are learning the Caregiving role and the military medical system the hard way. 

Two very special people will be sharing their walk toward recovery of their OIF/OEF veterans, but from the perspectives of a spouse and that of a parent. Postings will be made by VetSpouse and VetMom, and though their experiences may not exactly mirror yours, we hope that you will find their information and thoughts provoking, engaging, helpful, and comforting.

In the next week, look for postings that reflect many of your experiences, with some added personal insights of looking systemically at the continuum of care from battlefield to home communities.  We believe this blog will become the source of much discussion and lively interchange, and we are respecting their anonymity as requested. 

Occasionally, I will also post progress points or ask for your input on specific issues, but this blog is intended for YOU, the dedicated Caregivers of Veterans.



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