Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st topic for discussion

So here we go. The first topic I want to work on is how do we take time for ourselves. be honest and realistic. I mean let's face it. What was once a part of my daily process of getting ready for the day is now my me time. Just that little bit of time taking a bath or a shower has become my haven. No phone calls... no mail and for the briefest of moments or a good 20 minutes if I'm really lucky is the me time I get. But I try and make the most of it. Clear the mind... relax the body... take deep breaths... this is the main thing I do to relax it's free and available without leaving the house. I don't always get daily me time which is sad, but a reality. Email me what you do I look forward to hearing your thoughts. You can email me at or post it in the comments.  Lets share what we REALLY do for ourselves!


  1. Well I get a small window of time in the evening to get on the computer. By that time I am usually so tired I cannot think straight. I try and find a time to walk in the park with the dog. That happens about once a week if I am lucky. Sometimes just making a cup of tea and sitting by the window is all I get.

  2. Well, this will be as much of the "ME" time I'm going to get today. I do think it helps me though to see the posts and stories of people who are struggling just like me. I get so overwhelmed with my husband's PTSD and all the kids needs, that I forget all about my own. In fact, I feel selfish when I do try to take time to take care of myself, workout, linger in the bath, etc. My mind will keep racing thinking about all the stuff I still have to do..should have done..and I can never seem to get rid of the anxiety that the rug is going to be pulled out from under us. The worst part of this all I think is what makes me so crazy...the financial burdens that we have even after he served our county, was shot up and came home freaked out! Not to mention he keeps getting sick and the Va just prescribes more and more antibiotics that do nothing for him. I feel like he will just die one day and they will finally be happy. "ME" time...just aint that important it seems.