Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good New or Bad News in Disguise?

I usually read all the postings on here and I have noticed something recently which is in a way rather disturbing. I mean the small snippets of good news that some people have posted about.
No, I have not lost my mind, because what I am realizing is that it is actually newsworthy to have any kind of good outcome from the dealings with the VA. All those who post regularly and those who have recently joined this network, have dealt with so much junk from the VA, ranging from rudeness and ignorance to downright dangerous medical practices. We are starting to take this a normal. That is scary!
It should be newsworthy if someone is treated badly; if they have been insulted by a VA practitioner; if they have had to wait months for an appointment or told their situation is not an emergency or is the fault of their caregiver. These are the things that should be unusual, but sadly they are the norm.
I do think it is about time that someone at the head of the VA should begin by reading what is written here, and considering what needs to be done, and done quickly, to help our incredible Veterans and their families.

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