Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Mission

OK so here is my first post and I have to say after reading the blog on the Caregiver pamphlet and laughing my rear off although it's actually very sad not really funny at all how far from reality they are about our needs and issues. So while sleeping for my nightly 4 hours I had a dream/epiphany. Here is my mission! I want to gather tips, ideas, suggestions whatever input you would like to send. I want to put together a book. Care giving 101 News you can use from those in your shoes! (TM)  We all live this everyday. There is no vacation! There is no break! There is little help! Let's do what we can with what we know. Follow me and let's make a difference. We all accomplish more by 8 am than most people do all day! Hm... sounds like a recruiting ad  kinda funny ref. if I do say so myself.  We learn the in and outs and who not to call through trial and error we are the shared back bone of our Vets. The only way to make a change is to be that change! I sound like a commercial or something. Well that's what little sleep does for you. I am so excited about the project I really feel like it just might make a difference. Who knows it can't be any worse that the Caregiver brochure. I think we should put that on Comedy central. Well that's it for right now. Stayed tuned .....


  1. This vetspouse1 appreciates that you got the sarcasm and says let's do it! As tongue and cheek as the pamphlet post was, that really is how I feel.

  2. I LOVE your idea of a book and have thought of writing one myself at various times, though I have to admit i am not much of a writer. I think the general public and those in office whether the President, Congressman/woman, Senators, etc. have NO clue what we actually go through on a daily basis. They like to think that they understand, but really very few actually do.