Friday, June 24, 2011

Communication is Everything

Greetings, friends,

      This will be short, because the message is clear:  only through direct communication, follow-up, and proactive connection will you be able to gain information you need to forward your Veteran's recovery or your Caregiving challenges.

      Know how to succinctly state what you need before calling the helplines and organizations. If you aren't satisfied, ask for a supervisor.  Some matters may require time to research before a response. Yet, many issues aren't understood due to confusion or semantics, so be clear and fair in what you're requesting.

      Finally, if you call resources and do not receive a callback in a timely fashion, please write them to document the issue.  Let's face it, when you're at your wits end, waiting for days just doesn't work.  Try telling your Vet that the call they expected didn't come yet, and many Caregivers will say that they are now the verbal target. Let us know if you need support and we'll advocate for/with you. 
     Change will only come through education, perseverance, clarity, and follow-through.  We care about making the system work for YOU.



  1. it's probably a really good idea to know what protocol and rules an organization goes by or doesn't when you are calling for your vet as well. common sense is actually scarce with some of these places so if in doubt AT ALL ask about privacy issues and standard operating procedures in advance. finding out what different groups do AFTER they've made your life more difficult is hardly worth the time it takes to ask the questions in advance. never assume these folks are working for you. if they have written guidelines, such as what are provided on websites, read them and print them and make them follow their own rules. anything less isn't okay. don't mean to be a hard head but really it's the ounce of prevention thing.

  2. And when none of the above works don't be surprised when people become statistics. Sometimes all that's left to do is go away so that the ones who do get listened to can be helped. Being or becoming somebody's obligation because the system continually fails isn't worth it. Nobody wants to be treated so poorly. It's better to just be alone so you're not reminded how little people care or how much you impede their lives because of your own struggles. Nothing changes because nothing changes even when you try.