Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Greetings, friends,
So much going on lately that is baffling, and I'm now thinking in riddles. Choose your own words, but here is how I believe we support one another here in our VCG Community:
C  =  Care and caring, considerate, communicating, coordination, collaboration
==>  Compassionate Care Connection
A =  Advocate, articulate, abundant, authentic, augment, awareness, amazing 
==> Authentic Advocacy
R =  Real, rewarding, renewal, renovate, review, rally, refresh, reemerge 
==> Realistic Renewal
E =  Educate, emerge, energize, embrace, effect, epitome, escape, enjoy 
==>  Effective Energy

We may not have control over much, but we are able to live supporting one another and choosing the positive words over the discouraging ones.  You are all amazing in your compassion for others. Wishing you a good day today!


  1. word girl likes this. care creates hope. the absence of it erodes even the most steadfast of faith.

    there are quiet little people in my world who don't even know what you did for them by saving my life. that's the difference between here and other places. i know you don't want to tell everyone that and that some people think it went another way but you and i know the hours that have added to days. i would NOT have made it and i know that in my heart.

    it's possible that one thing is keeping others going right now because you gave me some strength to pass along. you are exactly where God wants you and i think He smiles to you daily.

    God's Best Only and Always~

  2. Wonderful words Linda. That is exactly what happens here. Monkey fists in abundance; the tighter the squeeze and the harder the pull the tougher they get. We are a tough bunch and manage to stay afloat together.
    Thank you for the miracles you allow to happen.