Friday, August 5, 2011

WarriorCare and VeteranCare - Caregivers Need Your Support

Greetings, friends,

I'd like to draw your attention to the upcoming move of the medical facilities from Walter Reed to the new Bethesda and Ft. Belvoir facilities later this month.  This week we met with a number of families who are dealing with grueling recoveries, financial situations, emotional upheaval, and now have a difficult relocation to manage. 

While new improved quarters are looked forward to, the preparations and the communication over the move has been challenging for these families.  As many of you will remember from the early days of wounded recovery, your focus was on your service member.  So too is theirs.  Please keep these Caregivers (or NMA's, Non-Medical Attendants) in your thoughts and prayers while this is experience is still raw and fresh in their minds. While change is inevitable in this case, it is also frightening and disconcerting to the injured service member - and an added burden to the Caregiver.

Thankfully, Caregivers continue to support Caregivers, and if communication and education is accomplished on the DoD side of the continuum of care, entering the huge VA system of care is somewhat smoother.  We are working hard to provide help to Wounded Warrior families at Walter Reed, and you've probably noticed that VCG is attracting active duty families to our ranks as well as veterans. Our goal is to divide VCG into a sister entity called WarriorCare to address these two major phases of care in the near future. Thank you for welcoming all in our midst, for our goal is to educate, advocate, coordinate, and navigate the various phases of the continuum of care with you.


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  1. I note with some dread your comment about the preparation and communication being 'challenging'. I hope that is not going to mean another one of those situations which I cannot name in polite company? My thoughts and prayers will be with all concerned who are at the mercy of the organization.