Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi friends,
      This posting is very brief, but I wanted to highlight a quality that we have seen exemplified on VeteranCaregiver over and over again: Courage.

  • Courage is the integrity to continue your caregiving mission though it often seems no one cares or notices.
  • Courage means putting one foot in front of the other even when you question whether you have the strength.
  • Courage is picking up the phone to leave yet another message, though you're unsure it will be acknowledged or returned.
  • Courage is pressing past the bureaucracy or pettiness of perceived power.
  • Courage is researching, questioning, seeking the best possible care for your veteran or warrior.
  • Courage is fighting through the brain fog to think and reason.
  • Courage is reaching out and asking for help. For support.  For solace.
  • Courage is knowing that you and your veteran matter -- and that others know your heart.      

We are honored to be among Caregivers, Veterans, and Wounded Warriors who exemplify Courage.

      Hold tight to your Courage, because on Friday, you will have a voice through one of our Caregivers on a national scale.  We think you'll be very proud of your fellow Caregiver, and the opportunity to be heard. The veil of invisibility will lift, and your cause will be known.

      Stay tuned, and blessings to the men and women of Courage!


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  1. i'm proud of all the caregivers here and the ones who may never find a voice or 'home' such as this. whatever the world does will not be my barometer for the knowledge of my heart. i pray for continued strength and courage for all of you and a little bit more for me. love to all of you.