Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peer Networks & Suicide Prevention

Greetings, friends,
          Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to an influential group about the value of peer networks for suicide prevention.  It's readily apparent that the integrity of any support program is demonstrated with building trust in every interaction. It was a relief to share your thoughts (provided to me over time) and perceptions of the official tools and processes in place.  My hope is that there was greater understanding following the meeting.
         It's sometimes possible to feel alienated from leadership because of well-meaning gatekeepers.  Provided the opportunity to share directly with leadership was refreshing -- and daunting.  We are not clinicians, but we DO care and support.  And, you've proven time and time again, that helping others helps you.  I know it does for me. We now have more tools in place, and also an agreement with the Veterans Crisis Line to provide a "warm transfer" should you wish help in placing that call on your own. We're with you!
        Regarding my blog post of last week about a caregiver outreach piece, the piece has been delayed and I will have it for you next week.  Once I receive a copy, you will have it first thereafter!
       Make it a good week, and When In Doubt, Reach Out!


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