Sunday, January 1, 2012

Light Thoughts and Knucklehead Moments of 2011

Hi friends,

Happy New Year! 

I was lightly pondering 2011 yesterday and thinking that there were some moments I laugh at now, but wondered at the time if I’d lost my marbles? (That is not an open invitation for you to send zingers, okay?)  J  I chalk these things up to fatigue or overload and I’m sure you have your own list?  Of course there will be new mistakes, but just maybe I can learn some basic things from NOT doing these again:

·         Losing my car in the Pentagon City parking garage (rescued by a kind woman who drove me around 5 levels)
·         Setting my alarm for 330 instead of 530, and out the door and in the car before I realized what I’d done… (traffic in DC is not that bad!)
·         Reaching for and nearly spraying myself with the Febreeze instead of perfume that same morning
·         Forgetting my ID – and not being able to return a Caregiver to Barracks at Bethesda (really nice one, Linda!)
·         Posting a Blob, not a Blog…
·         Going suddenly speechless and searching for words at an important business dinner (very unlike me!)
·         Backing into a hot motorcycle pipe in a garage and pretending that huge circular burn on my leg wasn’t there (“Oh that??”)
·         Losing my car again, this time at WRNNMC in the garage called America; of course wearing un-sensible shoes

So, now that I’ve demonstrated that multi-tasking for me means doing everything less well, I hereby vow to stop doing 13 things at once!  In 2012, I will be looking for new mistakes to learn from.  And, I think we can all learn to laugh at ourselves, especially when we're tired.  I'm vowing not to let the sound of my own laughter sound foreign to my ears, how about you? 

There’s no app for that yet.  J

Wishing you a wonderful New Year ahead.  Let’s keep on learning and laughing together!



PS:  The picture below is from a hill nearby and is the last sunset of 2011.

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