Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 - Annapolis MD

Greetings, friends,

Yesterday marked the official remembrance of those who died to fight for our freedom.  We say “official” because far more often than a single day a year, Patriots remember their friends and neighbors who gave their lives so we could maintain liberty.  In DC this year, there was finally a formal ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans who were not welcomed back by a grateful nation.  The contrast was striking then as compared to today:  troops were spat upon, cursed as “baby killers”, and told to change out of uniform upon arrival in states for their own safety.  We have come a long way, but not far enough.
In Annapolis, the Memorial Day parade was different this year. Few politicians, no cheerleaders in skimpy uniforms, but instead our USNA band, a flag-draped casket with vigilant guard, first responders, serious banners ("Lest We Forget"), and groups of war veterans and their families, gathered to remember and also to step forward.  So often our service and veteran families humbly stand back, do not self-identify, and are not recognized.  This year they were honored.
And, so as the days go forward, and your family is seeking education, employment, friendship, coordination, assistance, and support, know that this VCG Community also stands quietly available to you each day, to the best of our ability to help. 

Very respectfully,

PS:  On a personal level, here’s a photo of my (Vietnam Veteran) uncle and me.  He mattered then and he matters now – so too do your families remain in our thoughts and prayers.

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