Monday, June 25, 2012

Stark Street

Greetings, friends,

Like many people, I rely on GPS to locate places unknown.  Fiona, as she is known in my car, doesn’t always get it right, and I couldn’t help but sigh when I was recently “misplaced” on “Stark Street”.  I mean, really???

My outlook that day was not so great… pretty sure you can relate.  How many of you have gotten stuck on Stark Street?  It seems to happen to all of us, and how we cope with turning around and going in the right direction tells us a great deal about our mental and physical condition at the time.  If we’re rested, reasonably happy, and have a goal in mind, we can usually resolve the misdirection.  It’s when we’re exhausted, fairly down and unhappy, with goals in mind but brain fog on how to resolve the hurdles that the wheels come off – and Stark Street becomes a dead end.

When Stark Street becomes your dead end, please don’t forget to reach out.  It can be very affirming to know that you’re not alone.  You DO have options, and you absolutely matter.  On my specific “lost day”, I called a very reliable friend who guided me to a landmark where Fiona could take charge again.  We laughed at the irony of the street name, but turning around is easier with help from a friend you can trust. 

May you seldom find yourself on Stark Street, but if you do, reach out because we are here for each other!


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