Monday, September 24, 2012

Warrior Regatta & Veteran Golf Event - Days to Remember!


There are thousands of events nationwide that are raising awareness of the lives of our returning warriors, veterans, and their families.  There’s something very special about being outdoors, being treated “normally”, and enjoying the camaraderie of your peers that does a heart (and mind!) good.  Here are a few words about two events close to our hearts.

At the recent Wounded Warrior Regatta in Annapolis, Boeing sponsored a (surprisingly blustery!) day on the Bay in specially rigged sailboats designed for various disabilities.  The US Naval Academy Sailing Team coached the participants and many activities were planned for the entire group, including special activities for Caregivers, children, and friends. We were proud to provide time and awards to the group. This event was attended by elite Navy leadership which added accessibility to sharing warrior issues -- indeed a bonus for warrior families. Those that participated learned that sailing is both a physical joy and a mental game, very competitive, and you just plain feel good after a day on the water! 

On Friday, Blue Star Families held their First Annual Golf Tournament, and another fantastic fall day lent itself to a group of over 40 veterans.  As a partner with Blue Star Families, VeteranCaregiver volunteered time and gift awards to the event. BSF Leadership is very aware of the importance of family and highlighted their many programs (Books for Bases, Blue Star Museums, and more) to again raise awareness of the continuing value and contributions of veterans as they reside in communities across the nation.  As always, a host of volunteers is needed to attend to the many details, and this event was a real joy to all participants!

If you’d like to share your local event with us, please send me an email at  What works best for you and your vet?  Would you like to do events together as vet/caregiver, or separately?  Inquiring minds…  Enjoy your week!

Linda & the VeteranCaregiver Team

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