Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blessings and Gratitude on Veterans Day 2012

Greetings on this Veterans Day 2012,

Our heartfelt thanks to our Veterans today  -- and their entire extended group of family and friends.  We trust that you know that we treat each and every day as Veterans Day, but on this one day set aside each year, we give you special thanks.

We also specifically give thanks to the Caregivers of our wounded, ill, and injured veterans.  We thank the children who grow up very quickly and often also bear the invisible wounds of war with their parents.  We thank parents who care for their adult children and for siblings, extended family and friends who do the same.  The challenges you meet and the way you keep your faces turned to the light mean so much to this land.

Every day the flag flies over the land of the free, it is because of the actions and valor of the brave.  We love our country, and we honor you today with an extra measure of love and care.

God bless you,

Linda and the Veterancaregiver Team