Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Suicide Prevention: Part 2


Today brings a sequel to our prior story about "Jim", the veteran who spiraled downward after the suicide of a close friend.  Jim subsequently survived two more suicide attempts, and his Caregiver wife was working to find a stable solution and postvention care for him (  The story continues this way ...

Jim is still awaiting a PTSD program.  Two additional suicide attempts have been made, prompting 911 calls and hospitalizations.  His wife has endured many personally dangerous situations trying to obtain stable, consistent mental health care for her husband.  Jim's medications have been juggled between three VA's with conflicting opinions and prescription changes.  As we write, the most recent SPC (Suicide Prevention Coordinator), Case Manager, nor primary care Social Worker have returned phone calls or email.  Escalation has gone nowhe
re.  Caseloads are too high.  It is vacation time.  The voice mailboxes are full.  This is a serious situation.  However, it is not a single story; there are many.   

Together, let's remedy this situation, shall we?  On Tuesday, June 11th, 11am EDT, please join us for a radio interview on the American Heroes Network (info below).  We will be talking with Edward White, the creator of the 
CallApp.  CallApp is a suicide prevention smartphone app that permits anyone to build a personal on-call virtual safety/crisis network comprised of friends, family, medical professionals, and community resources.  At the touch of a single button, this technology will permit personalized choices to the person in crisis.  If they need 911, it's there.  Their veteran buddy who calms them; there.  Their mental health counselors; there.  Special wellness programs, calming methods, and a network of caring, responsive people and organizations personally selected would reside on Jim's phone.  This is not a one-size-fits-all solution - but an extraordinary solution that will fit Jim. CallApp is customizable to satisfy the needs of family members, battle buddies, medical/mental health partners, close friends, and others.  These are people Jim trusts and who will answer the phone.  Respond.  It is a lifeline to bridge the gaps in communication support that exist today.

CallApp takes technology and leverages it with people who care about and for Jim. People support and save people.  Join us Tuesday to hear more!

With respect and great care,

Linda Kreter and the VeteranCaregiver Team
American Heroes Radio Network:

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