Monday, August 17, 2015

Positive Attitude Contagion & Your Support Group

Each day we have a choice to make about our attitude. 

If you become mindful about the fact that only today matters, and that you cannot change the past, nor (usually) predict the future, your perspective can be changed for the better. 

This prayer/musing made me laugh because sometimes it reflects what we all feel:

Dear Lord/Higher Power/Other,

So far today, I am doing all right.  I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish, or self-indulgent.  I have not whined, cursed, or eaten any chocolate.  However, I will get out of bed in a few minutes, and I will need a lot more help after that.  Amen*

This practice of adjusting your attitude many times daily is difficult, but it’s nearly always possible to find something good, even on the worst of days.  Being around those who are negative, usually have something critical to say about you or your situation, or who just plain drain you is exhausting.  Saying to yourself these people are “just negative” or trying to avoid them altogether is nearly impossible.  So, what can you do?

The great football coach, John Wooden says this:  “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out”. 
 Isn’t that the truth?  Interestingly, if you don’t buy into the Negative Ones and their critical, harping, unpleasant responses, they eventually want to be around someone who will react to them and feed the negative. Work to find a handful of trusted friends who are positive, and can be called upon when you need a boost.  Do the same for them. You’ll find that the more positive your attitude and behavior is, the more you attract others with the same perspective.  Like attracts like, and allows you to weather the tough days, and being around the negative ones when you can’t avoid it.

We all have tough, seriously-I-can’t-take-one-more-thing days, but when we stop for a second, take a deep breath, and briefly wait instead of reacting with a knee-jerk response that you’ll regret the rest of the day, this habit you’ve been practicing can come to you more often.  And, more easily.

There will always be jerks in life, but don’t buy into their “jerkdom”.  Remember too that positive people evolve into groups – and find an ally, a friend, a kindred spirit to start your own group, and to keep helping you adjust your attitudes about the day.  Take each day at a time, look inward and adjust your attitude as the day progresses.  Finally, reflect on your day each night and see the growth, the slipups, and especially note what you’re thankful for, even if it’s the fact you got a shower today!  
We continue to believe in the best within you; best wishes on lifting today to be the best it can be!

Linda Kreter & the
VeteranCaregiver Team

*Prayer from Today Matters by John C. Maxwell

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