Saturday, June 4, 2011

Green River - Day 1

Greetings from a mile up,

Today marked the first day on the Green River for the Vet/Caregiver couples.    This is not a couples retreat, nor is this venture merely  a fishing trip.  This collaboration is being studied intensely to determine which aspects of this innovative, tailored program best manage to help diminish and sustain PTSD progress to assist couples.  Combat PTSD, as you know is often very stressful on both people in the relationship.  With the prevalence of PTSD in the news this week estimated at 95% of all OIF/OEF vets, programs that are able to help both vet and caregiver are crucial.
And, while nearly all relationships could benefit from being together in a beautiful place, ROR is taking great care to study and analyze best practices in providing fun AND practical tools that can be used upon returning home to diminish and/or to manage PTSD symptoms.  Regaining the peace provided during the trip can then be returned to again and again.  This unique experience also gives both partners the ability to support each other when stressful times arise.  And, when couples support their experiences more closely and with strengthened connection, it is possible to regain improved quality of life.  

This is an experience that taps into all five senses, and brings visible calm, joy and laughter within minutes.  This a serious effort to make a difference in the use of recreational therapy that goes beyond the trip experience.  And, it works.

The Green River was fast today, and each couple caught multiple fish for a day total of 28 fish in this catch and release program!  (BTW, when a fish cannot be brought into the boat, it is called a "remote release"!)  :)  Below, one of the couples and their guide:

Suffice it to say that the crew from today is smiling, pleasantly tired, and looking forward to tomorrow.

It’s good to know that not all research is dry (no pun intended!), boring, or academic, and that progress is being made!  Better yet, that ROR is focusing on caregivers and acknowledge the vital role you play in bringing the best quality of life  to vets and families. 

Bravo and thanks to ROR!


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  1. Wonderful description Linda. Thank you for sharing and we look forward to more from you this week!