Friday, June 10, 2011

VeteranCaregiver/ROR Trip 2

Hi friends,
        Though I couldn't participate in this second ROR trip for couples, the communication has been very good between us, and I will fill you in just a little bit more.  It is evident that Caregivers receive so little time being spouses or parents (without the caregiving), that being provided the opportunity to return to simpler roles and days is life-sustaining.
Again, learning a new set of skills together, be it calming techniques, fly fishing, or just regaining the equilibrium of a more equal relationship away from appointments and obligations seems so therapeutic to our couples. 
        And, since caregivers receive so little recognition (most cannot find the time to make a video, picture or comment for Caregivers Matter! LOL!), having someone else be in charge for four days is restorative. Recreational therapy with a purpose to support caregivers and injured or ill veterans has a place, and hopefully more organizations will recognize the important contribution made when the Caregiver is allowed to be "just" a spouse or parent again.  It is a blessing and a gift!
     Yes, more fish pictures, and it's hard to say what's bigger:  the smiles or the fish!

      Wishing our VCG couples calm waters, lively fish, and many memory revisits ahead!


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  1. What a beautiful picture! Those smiles say it all. Wow, thank you for sharing that, it made my day.