Saturday, July 16, 2011

Does Courtesy Matter When Lives Hang in the Balance?

Greetings, friends,

     A common theme has run through VeteranCaregiver since its inception in spring 2010:  caregiver and veteran persistence is needed in order to achieve progress or problem resolution.  Most accept this truth and reality.
     Lately, however, when lives hang in the balance because a "courtesy" is lacking, then we all experience a systemic problem. Throughout VCG, you already know of some serious caregiver and veteran issues that resulted in urgent and immediate coordination and action.  However, what is the protocol when there is no visible after-action?  Calls unreturned, and certainly no proactive follow-up?
    This is not compassionate care. It is not right.  And, it is simple to fix.  

    This VCG community of peers, mentors, friends, and professionals has always followed through.  Caring is abundant and actions supersede words. Please convey the message far and wide that veterans and caregivers cannot and must not suffer or even die because they were not a priority and afforded a "courtesy". 
Thank you for caring, supporting, and reaching out.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken.


  1. A monkey fist!! Wonderful Linda and very well said too. A monkey fist is a great visual for what we are struggling with and for. For those who are not familiar with this knot, the harder you pull it the stronger it gets. That is us, Caregiver and Vets alike. But even the strongest can break under strain. Many of us are on the verge of breaking....

  2. i've been struggling so hard to figure out exactly why my life doesn't matter. what did i do to welcome such blatant disregard? if i were the right blood, the right politian's child, a man, would my life matter to them then? what makes us less than? we were good enough then but worth nothing now?

    who is pulling either side of that knot and if i'm in the center do i die of the pressure of the wait or do i die because i can not wait longer? if the answers aren't there what does one hold onto?

    these may seem fantastical questions but i have to wonder if i would have them at all if the system had shown courtesy. now i will never know. the fractures are too large.

  3. You do not need to do anything special to be disregarded and disrespected by the VA - it comes with the territory. It is only the luck of the draw if you get any good compassionate or effective treatment at any time.

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