Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caregiver Employment


After the flurry of Facebook comments, Tweets, emails, and phone calls that followed a recent article about (highly controversial) recommended jobs for military spouses, a group of us were discussing the potential for Caregiver employment.  This is still a very small blip on the service family employment radar, but it’s a critical one.

Like many MilSpouses, Caregivers are a diverse and well-educated group.  Firm statistics are hard to find, but many Caregivers have advanced degrees, were meaningfully employed or enrolled in higher studies prior to service member injury, and in the case of parental caregivers, had risen steadily up the professional ladder.  Many Caregivers possess licensed, portable professional credentials.  And, as one caregiver said:  “I haven’t changed from who I was, and my skills, experience, and now these challenges have made me a better potential employee”.  We agree.

As the many job fairs around the country focus on veteran and mil spouse employment, we also hope that companies will reach out with flexible, thought-provoking, challenging positions for Caregivers who seek employment.  With strong planning and communication, Caregivers are phenomenally resourceful, dedicated, and excellent change agents.  After navigating the labyrinthine medical system and in supporting their warrior while juggling many positions including relocation specialist, medical advocate, adaptive housing, superb communicator, and remarkable document specialist, we believe that Caregivers would be one of the highest priorities for employers, especially when that work can be performed and tasks completed flexibly, part-time (if needed),at home.

Caregivers give their all. Everyday. 

Please support employment opportunities for Caregivers!

Linda Kreter & the VeteranCaregiver Team

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