Monday, August 27, 2012

Do You Have An Emergency Plan?

Hi friends!

As Hurricane Isaac bears down today on Mississippi and Louisiana, it brought to mind the crucial necessity of having an Emergency Plan for your household.  Do you have one?  Have a clue where you put it?

If you do not, now is a very good time to write one, post it/store it in an obvious location, and include (at the bare minimum) the following:

- Emergency contact phone numbers
- Your VA care team names and phone numbers
- Possible shelter locations or where you might wait out the storm
- Fuel your car ahead of time
- Create a Notification Plan (neighbors, family, etc.)
- Make plans for your pets
- Charge your phone 
- If evacuation is needed, pack an Emergency Bag with medications, any documentation needed, clothes, food, water, your cell phone charger, and significant items needed to make your caregiving possible in unusual circumstances

This link is helpful for specific plans and outlines (, and we urge you to always have a household Emergency Plan (posting on the refrigerator is a good idea) so that you can better focus your efforts when or if the time arises that you need it.

Stay safe, and know we are thinking about you today and each day there are disasters beyond our control.  Planning gives peace of mind!

The VeteranCaregiver Team

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