Monday, February 17, 2014

Caregiver Peer Support - In Person...


We apologize for not writing yet in 2014; it has been a very busy year so far.  More postings soon, but for now, one important, recurring point.

Online caregiver peer support is great, but if it's possible for you, we suggest setting up an in-person caregiver meeting in your community. If you choose, include family caregiver supporters too.  It's up to you.

There's something about looking someone in the eye who understands, and nothing replaces a hug.  Pick a place, set a time, and whoever shows up - you can visit, talk, debate, and share.  If no one shows that day, give yourself the gift of quiet time.  We highly recommend it.

Caregivers and those who support them are exceptional people. In 2014, give yourself the gift of meeting other caregivers beyond the Internet. It's a very old Barbra Streisand song, but "People, people who need people are the luckiest people of all!"  Reach out and grow your in-person network through your community organizations, your churches, and your civic organizations.

Your heart and head will thank you.

 Linda Kreter and the VeteranCaregiver Support Team.