Friday, April 4, 2014

Simple Pleasures


If you woke up today mentally listing all the things you needed to do, to be, and to complete, you are not alone.  It seems that many if not most people are straining to shoehorn “one more thing” into an already hectic schedule.  Years ago when multi-tasking was a key phrase, it seemed that instead of achieving more, it meant each task was done less well than if a focus was given to singular tasks. Not quite the outcome you were trying to achieve!

Today can be more pleasurable if you accept small glimpses of joy or recognize the small gifts along the way.  A fresh view can make an enormous difference in your perspective, and we can all use the peace in small moments.

What are your simple pleasures?  If you’re fortunate, today can provide a simple pleasure for each of your five senses. Open your mind and consider these examples:

Sight: blooming trees, tulips, bird nests, crazy squirrels, flags whipping in the breeze, smiles given and received, someone who lets you into the merging lane first, the gorgeous view you drive by seen with different eyes, a shared grin.

Hearing: chortling song of birds and scurry through the underbrush, sound of children playing, the laugh of a loved one, a compliment given or received, the gift of music, silence, or city bustle, or crashing waves or a meandering creek.

Smell:  clean, line-dried laundry, a great meal cookie, or the waft of the scent of coffee, chocolate, bacon, hyacinths, the sea, perfume that evokes a fond memory, baby shampoo, Grandad’s pipe, or an outdoor fire pit.

Taste:  your favorite cookie, ice cream, fruit, childhood Rice Krispies treats, s’mores, tall glass of sweet tea, the tart of a lemon twist, the zing of sea salt in caramel, comfort food, burgers on the grill, popcorn, barbeque, savory and sweet.

Touch:  fresh sheets, cozy towels, your favorite T-shirt, the softness of a sweater, the swish of fringe, the coat of your pet, the walking-by-touch that shows you care, a warm hug, and the feel of your child trustingly taking your hand. 

Trust that each day will provide gifts of simple pleasure, if you take the time to notice.  Today is a gift; enjoy it!

Linda Kreter & the VeteranCaregiver Team

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