Thursday, September 6, 2018

SPAR - Sensitive Patient Access Report

See VHA Directive 1605.01, Sections 7-4 and 38-9 (copy & paste into browser

"SENSITIVE RECORDS" - Many caregivers have voiced concern over who is accessing a veteran's records, especially for evaluations.  While evaluations are to be conducted according to the caregiver law, alternative staff is sometimes accessing a veteran's medical records for evaluation or appeal records review.  

If you are concerned, have the veteran request their Medical Records be marked "Sensitive" by the Privacy Officer at your local VAMC. This means the LOG of all those accessing records will be supplied in a SPAR report (Sensitive Patient Access Report). Don't forget to request reporting time frame (all). 

VHA Directive 1605.01 (Sections 7-4 and 38-9) is also posted in our website Resources section.

Linda Kreter and the VeteranCaregiver Team


  1. How do you actually prove that someone has accessed your record when they had no right to do so and then what happens to them.?

    1. Good question. I would like to know if you request a copy of your SPAR and nobody won't help you what is the next step? Is it possible for the privacy officer to delete a person's name off your SPAR Report?